Clean and efficient energy for all

Based in Chisinga, Malawi, we are reducing deforestation and helping communities adapt to climate change by promoting the use of efficient cooking stoves and briquettes.

What We Do


“We are happy with the project, because in the past we have been struggling to find firewood and our families were suffering. Now with the briquettes and the new stoves our lives have improved and we no longer need to walk long distances to search for firewood.”

Tamala Phiri, Community Member

Meet Maria

I’m Maria Kameta, a 21-year-old environmental activist from Kasungu in Chisinga, Malawi.

At secondary school, an organisation called NatureKit visited and educated my peers and me on climate change and nature conservation. I became intrigued and began volunteering on clean-up campaigns. I was later promoted to the project coordinator, an experience that sparked my interest in environmental issues and inspired me to start the Mudzi Cooking Project.

In 2022, I won The Iris Project’s Seed Prize and, just one month later, became a mother to my daughter Michelle. Being a mother made me even more passionate about my work. Everything I do is for my daughter. She’s motivated me to work harder and strive for a better planet for her to grow up in.

In the Chisinga community, it’s uncommon for women to be involved in this line of work. Many women are not educated. I hope to empower and encourage young women to pursue their ambitions. Their generation is the one that will inherit this world, and I believe they will make a difference.

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